The Western Front Band Presents

MT Cattle Lack Ranch Freedom Jam

Happy Birthday, America!
Aaron Tippin, with special guests Kyle Hunter and The Western Front Band.

July 3rd, 2024

When the Music Matters

Music is a beautiful way to express ourselves and feel emotions. We love music. It drives us. Music is a part of who we are and helps us connect with our audience.

Sheridan Days-Sheridan Montana

A special thanks to the Sheridan Charitable Foundation and Opportunity Bank for making this happen. Get Ready Sheridan...!

The Western Front Band

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Western Front is a Missoula, Montana-based band that has taken the music scene by storm. This group of five passionate musicians is dedicated to delivering impressive performances that keep music lovers coming back for more. 

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From Marty Davis
The Legend of the Pioneers

Brian Knaff
Good Music Management
9811 West Charleston Blvd. #225
Las Vegas Nevada 89117

Hi Brian, Marty Davis, The Legend Of the Pioneers here.

I introduced your showcase act, The Western Front Band, at RMAF this year. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed their showcase. I see a lot of acts that profess to be “show bands” and don’t know how to read a crowd or which music to choose for a specific occasion. They, in my opinion, did it right.

I am not booking acts for fairs, nor do I have a dog in the fight, I just wanted to tell you that I was impressed.

By Chip H

The western front band is the go to for weddings in MT. The western front band played at our wedding and absolutely made the night. By far the best live sounding band I have ever heard. I would 100% recommend.

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